Spectral Devices monochrome and color cameras incorporate high performance CMOS sensors. Global shutter provides accurate high-speed imaging of fast moving objects. USB3 Vision and GenICam-compliance makes these cameras easy to setup and use.  The enclosure is CNC-machined from aluminium for strength and hard anodized for durability.  We carry lenses from major manufacturers and can recommend a lens that is optimized for even the most difficult imaging task.  The cameras are compatible with a wide selection of software and SDKs for Windows, Linux, and National Instruments LabVIEW.

Global Shutter CMOS Sensor
High Frame Rate
High Dynamic Range
USB3 Vision and GenICam compliant
Small, Lightweight and Rugged
Flexible Mounting Options
External Triggering
External Strobing
2.2MP Color CMV2000 2/3" 2048 X 1088 170 MSC-C22-1-A
2.2MP Mono CMV2000 2/3" 2048x1088 170 MSC-M22-1-A
2.2MP Mono NIR-enhanced CMV2000 2/3" 2048 X 1088 170 MSC-MN22-1-A
4.2MP Color CMV4000 1" 2048 x 2048 90 MSC-C42-1-A
4.2MP Mono CMV4000 1" 2048 x 2048 90 MSC-M42-1-A
4.2MP Mono NIR-enhanced CMV4000 1" 2048 X 2048 90 MSC-MN42-1-A
Type: CMOS Global Shutter
Exposure: 100 µs (minimum)
Pixel Size: 5.5 µm X 5.5 µm
Dynamic Range: 60 dB
Dark Noise: 13 e- (RMS)
Dark Current: 125 e-/s (25 deg. C)
Digitization: 12 bits
Interface: USB3 Vision
Power: USB3 (no external power required)
USB Connector: USB 3.0 Micro-B (screw)
I/O: 1 Trigger in, 2 Strobe out (opto-isolated)
I/O Connector: 12-pin Hirose HR10A
Lens Mount: c-mount
Size: 56 mm x 50 mm X 52 mm (W X H X D)
Weight: 204 g
Finish: Anodized Black, Laser Etched
Case Material: 6061 Aluminium (CNC)
Imperial Mounts: 12 x ¼-20 (5 mm deep)
Metric Mounts: 12 x M3 (5 mm deep)
Front Mounts: 4 x 4-40 (30 mm cage compatible)
2ndLook is a complete image acquisition software package that enables users to connect and acquire images from one or more cameras on a single PC. Offers real-time synchronized video recording from GenICam-compliant USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, and DirectShow cameras. Easily record directly to popular file formats such as AVI and TIFF. Record from multiple cameras to different file formats concurrently. Multispectral imaging conversion filters for Spectral Devices cameras are built in. View montage of spectral images in a real-time. View RGB color and NIR images side-by-side. View NDVI images using our Agriculture camera. Easy to use interface with interactive help and user guides.
msCapture is a Linux-based camera control and image capture application for Spectral Devices Area and Line scan cameras. It enables a user to capture a sequence of frames at very precisely timed intervals. Raw frames can be saved to disk or combined (stacked) into a series of images when a line scan camera is used. msCapture buffers frame data in memory to achieve high frame rates. Camera setup is easily performed using a text-based configuration file. Using msCapture, the camera can be controlled over a network and automated using scripting. msCapture is available for x86 and ARM platforms. We have run msCapture successfully on a variety of devices ranging from Intel-based laptops and workstations down to single board computers such as the BeagleBone Black. Contact us for customization options.
2ndLook Camera Software (32 bit trial version)
2ndLook Camera Software (64 bit trial version)
2ndLook Setup and Imaging
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2ndLook Multi-Camera Imaging
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