The SBC-1 is an embedded computer system powered by ARM® big.LITTLE™ heterogeneous multi-processing technology. The SBC-1 offers powerful computing capacity, excellent energy-efficiency, and an ultra-small form factor for embedded applications. The computer is preloaded with Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), the Pleora eBUS camera acquisition runtime, and msCapture a highly configurable software application for capturing images from MSC series multispectral cameras from Spectral Devices. The SBC-1 includes eMMC 5.0, USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The SBC-1 comes packaged in a CNC-machined aluminum case for passive thermal management without the need for a CPU fan.

Pre-configured for USB3 Vision Cameras
Simple Text-Based Configuration File
Fast and Reliable Operation
Control Exposure Time
Control Interframe Interval Time
Operate from Battery or Wall Power
Small and Lightweight Package
Run Custom Application Software
Suitable for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Suitable for Embedded Vision Applications
SBC-1 Embedded Vision Computer
SCB-1 comes preconfigured with Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and all needed software. The SBC-1 is a turnkey solution for running Spectral Devices MSC series multispectral cameras. Includes the Pleora eBUS USB3 Vision driver and runtime libraries. Pleora is the industry leader in USB3 Vision and GigE Vision camera software. Their driver and vision software are industry-proven, highly reliable, and optimized for speed. Includes Spectral Devices msCapture for Linux software for configuring and capturing images from the camera. Images can be acquired in free-run mode, timed software mode, and hardware triggered mode. Images are stored to internal flash drive or microSD card for later retrieval. Includes SSH for remote control of SBC-1 over wireless network. Includes secure FTP for transfer of files over wireless network. Includes super user privileges enabling users to customize the SBC-1.
SBC-1 Embedded Vision Computer