The MSMC-2-2 is a multispectral imaging system incorporating two multispectral cameras into a single housing. Each multispectral camera has its own lens and views the scene (object) through a beam splitter. The beam splitter enables each camera to observe the same scene without parallax artifacts. Both cameras are USB3 Vision and GenICam compliant offering many options for image acquisition software, SDKs and OS platforms. The system is supplied with Windows-based 2ndLook software providing easy setup and simultaneous recording of images from both cameras. Both cameras come hardwired in a master slave arrangement allowing one camera to trigger the other. This ensures simultaneous image capture on both cameras. Each camera can have independent exposure settings to accommodate differences in sensitivity of each camera. The cameras and beam splitter are mounted on 3-degree of freedom (DOF) stages enabling simple alignment of the beam splitter and each camera to the scene (object) using an Allen key after removal of the lid. Power is provided to each camera through the USB3 interface. The housing is constructed from thick aluminum for stability and hard anodized for durability. The housing is dust-proof and splash-proof.

Two multispectral cameras - one optical path
High performance 2ndLook software included
USB3 Vision cameras
Pre-assembled with lenses and cameras
Hard anodized aluminium case
Table-top and tripod mounting
Protective glass window
Adjustable leveling feet
This version of the MSMC-2-2 includes two 8-band multispectral cameras for visible (MSC-VIS8-1-A) and near-infrared spectral imaging (MSC-NIR8-1-A). The two cameras provide 16 spectral images between 450 nm and 1000 nm, each with 256 by 256 pixel resolution.
This version of the MSMC-2-2 includes one color camera (MSC-C42-1-A) and one 8-band multispectral camera for near infrared imaging (MSC-NIR8-1-A). The first camera provides high resolution (4 MP) color images, while the 8-band NIR camera provides 8 spectral images between 700 nm and 1000 nm, each with 256 by 256 pixel resolution.