Our MSMC multispectral multicamera imaging systems enable multispectral imaging over an extended spectral range with a greater number of bands.  Each system incorporates two cameras into a single housing. An internal beam splitter enables each camera to observe the same scene with minimal parallax.  The system is supplied with Windows-based 2ndLook software providing easy setup and synchronized recording of images from both cameras. Power is provided to each camera through the USB3 Vision interfaces. The housing is constructed from hard anodized aluminum for stability and durability. The housing is dust and splash resistant.

Higher Resolution, Wider Spectral Range

Two cameras enable higher resolution imaging and/or wider spectral coverage compared to a single snapshot multispectral camera. At one extreme, two monochrome cameras with custom spectral filters produce two 4.2MP spectral images. At the other extreme, two 8-band multispectral cameras give 16 spectral images covering the visible and near infrared ranges.

Video Rate Imaging

Record two synchronized 4.2MP images at up to 89 FPS from each camera. Record at several thousand frames per second for smaller regions of interest.

Windows Software

Easy to use Windows software is provided standard with each system. Configure each camera and capture images and video in real-time to popular file formats. Offers an intuitive interface with interactive help and user guides. Add-on USB3 Vision, GiGE Vision, and Twain-compliant cameras for even more complex multicamera experiments.

Built to Last

Built with anodized aluminium and stainless steel hardware. Heavy duty optomechanical stages ensure the beamsplitter and cameras maintain alignment. Multiple threaded holes offer flexible tripod mounting options, or use the fine adjustable feet for table-top operation.

Professional SDK

Power users can write multicamera applications for the MSMC-2-2 using the included SDK for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Raspberry Pi. Support for the Python environment is included standard.

Flexible Triggering

Cameras are triggered internally to ensure images are acquired at precisely the same moment in time. In addition, cameras can be triggered by an external source and simultaneously trigger external devices. Trigger and strobe lines accessible through the BNC connectors on the back of the unit.

Accessory Kit

Comes with a full complement of accessories to ensure users have everything they need to setup and perform in-field adjustments. The system comes with lenses, USB3 cables, a universal power supply, professional quality tools, and a rugged and waterproof equipment case.

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