Our multispectral multicamera for microscopy is designed to simplify multichannel video microscopy, giving users the ability to swap filters in and out quickly.  Each multicamera has 4 CMOS cameras built in.  The system splits light from a single microscope entrance port into 4 optical channels featuring 8 removable filter holders.  Cameras are triggerable internally or externally and can trigger external devices.  Powerful Windows multicamera software included.

Multichannel Microscopy

Each system comes standard with four synchronized cameras (1 color + 3 mono; or 4 mono) capable of time-lapse to video rate imaging. Choose from 4 different cameras each offering a unique combination of image resolution, acquisition speed, and sensitivity.

Add New Functionality

Give an existing microscope new functionality by adding a MSMC-1-4 series multicamera. Perform brightfield, fluorescence, and polarization imaging with a single equipment addon.


Users can insert standard 1-inch optics into the light path of each camera to configure the MSMC-1-4 for a variety of microscopy applications. Switch between applications in munutes by using the removable optic holders.

Windows Software

Easy to use Windows software is provided standard with each system. Configure each camera and capture images and video in real-time to popular file formats. Offers an intuitive interface with interactive help and user guides. Add-on USB3 Vision, GiGE Vision, and Twain-compliant cameras for even more complex multicamera experiments.


Each system has externally accessible C-Mount ports to expand the system by 4 optical channels. Users can attach cameras, spectrometers, and detectors to these external ports.

Professional SDK

Power users can write multicamera applications for the MSMC-1-4 using the included SDK for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Raspberry Pi. Support for the Python environment is included standard.

Accessory Kit

Comes with a full complement of accessories to ensure users have everything needed for setup and use. The system comes with USB3 cables, a universal power supply, professional quality tools, and a rugged and waterproof storage case.

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