The multispectral drone camera is a turnkey multispectral imaging solution for easy integration to drones with PixHawk flight controllers enabling capture of geotagged aerial images for further analysis in data mapping software.  Each MSDC includes a snapshot multispectral camera, lens, a vision computer, and a high-performance 3-axis gimbal (optional).  Systems are compatible with common drone platforms and available for a variety of spectral ranges and uses.  These systems are energy-efficient, lightweight and come fully configured with camera control and image capture software.  Images can be saved to SD card at up to 10 FPS.  Start and stop buttons control image capture on demand. A live multispectral video feed is available for downlink.

Rock Solid Multispectral Imaging

Spectral spectral images are captured in parallel and at short exposure times elimating motion blur. When used with the optional 3-axis gimbal, multispectral video captured with the MSDC is super stable.

Works with Popular Drone Components

The MSDC series of cameras work beautifully with the Herelink controller from HEX Technology. Interfacing to advanced autopilots such as the CubePilot Cube Orange only requires one trigger input and one trigger output. Works with onboard 12VDC power supplied by drone.

Real-Time Multispectral Inspection

Perform real-time inspection using the live multispectral video stream. Simply connect the MSDC to an HDMI-compatible transceiver for downlink to the ground.

Miniature Light-Weight Design

Camera and vision computer have a combined weight of less than 200 grams. Add a 3-axis gimbal and a low distortion lens and the total system weight is under 900g.

Geotagged Multispectral Images

Geotag multispectral images with industry standard software.

Accessory Kit

Accessory kit contains a light-weight USB3 Vision cable, power cable, trigger cable, tripod adaptor, and a rugged and waterproof equipment case for transport and storage.

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