Introducing the MSMC-2-3, a cutting-edge and award-winning multispectral cinematography camera that seamlessly integrates three high-performance cameras within a single compact housing. Each camera includes a motorized lens and captures the scene through a set of beam splitters, eliminating perspective errors and enabling accurate image overlay between cameras.

Video Rate Multispectral Imaging

Record three synchronized 4K images at up to 30 FPS. Customize the filter for each camera. Swap filters between shoots to expand the range of capability.

Simple to Use

The MSMC-2-3 is easy to setup and operate. SDI-based cameras utilized a monitor capable of simultaneous recording from all three cameras. USB3-based cameras are controlled by a built-in vision computer. Operation is through a touch screen interface with smooth scrolling knobs for focus and aperture.

Built to Last

Built with anodized aluminium and stainless steel hardware. Utilizing a double breadboard design with heavy duty optomechanical stages ensure beamsplitters and cameras maintain alignment. Multiple threaded holes offer flexible mounting options.

Accessory Kit

Comes with a full complement of accessories to ensure users have everything they need to setup and perform in-field adjustments. The system comes with cables, a universal power supply, professional quality tools, and a rugged and waterproof equipment case.

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