The MSLED-2-4 is a programmable multispectral LED illuminator. It consists of two LED modules each equipped with four independent LED channels, where each channel provides a unique color (wavelength of light). The dual LED illuminator creates a uniform diffuse lighting pattern for a variety of multispectral imaging applications. The LED modules can be customized with a wide variety of color bands.

Customizable Multispectral Illumination

Tailor your illumination from UV to NIR to optimize your multispectral imaging application.

Works With Our Cameras

Integrates easily with our line of multispectral cameras to build complete multispectral imaging setups.

Spectrally Balanced

Adjustable output on each channel enables users to optimize the illumination to the sensitivity of the camera.

Versatile Operation

Operate the manually from the front panel, remotely through the RS232 interface, or trigger each channel independently from external devices.

Modular and Compact

Modular and compact with controller only 100 x 100 x 42 mm and LED modules only 88 mm in diameter and 24 mm thick.

Supported by Multispectral Imaging Experts

Our scientists and engineers have years of experience developing multispectral imaging solutions.
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