Spectral Devices unique pixelated multispectral filter array technology enables a single camera sensor to work like many cameras in combination.  Available in three different types: standard snapshot cameras, line scan cameras, and our new mini snapshot cameras. Take snapshot multispectral images with each camera exposure. Standard multispectral camera models available for precision agriculture, biomedical research, food sorting, horticulture, precision color detection, and simultaneous color and near infrared imaging.  Custom multispectral cameras available with short lead times. Software and SDKs available for Windows and Linux.

The MSIS-series of multispectral imaging systems combines an MSC-series camera with high power LEDs into a single water and dust-proof housing. The LEDs are arranged into 4 independently controlled channels. Each channel has overdrive pulsed-current output to achieve very high instantaneous light output levels with minimal heating. This enables very fast camera exposure times and uniform lighting of the target. The system ships with an external control box that houses the LED strobe controller and embedded computer system. The system provides video rate recording of multispectral images.

The MSMC-2-2 is a multispectral imaging system incorporating two multispectral cameras into a single housing. An internal beam splitter enables each camera to observe the same scene without parallax artifacts.  The system is supplied with Windows-based 2ndLook software providing easy setup and simultaneous recording of images from both cameras. Power is provided to each camera through the USB3 Vision interfaces. The housing is constructed from hard anodized aluminum for stability and durability. The housing is dust- and splash-resistant.

Multispectral microscopy imaging systems are designed for demanding multi-channel microscopy applications.  These systems split the incoming light path into four independent, co-registered optical paths, each with removable filter holders and a microscopy camera.  The system enables the user to obtain 4 images at the same time and from the same field of view.  Simultaneously capture fluorescence images at four independent wavelengths.  Capture bright field images alongside fluorescence images. Capture synchronized, co-registered multi-camera video.  Comes with Windows 2ndLook software, which is easy to setup, easy to use, and efficiently manages multi-camera imaging tasks.

The MSUAV line of products include a MSC2 mini multispectral camera and a tiny SBC-1 computer designed to work seamlessly together.  MSC2 mini multispectral cameras are available for a variety of spectral ranges and uses.  The SBC-1 computer offers powerful computing capacity, excellent energy-efficiency, and an ultra-small form factor.  A flat USB3 cable is supplied with the system to enable separate mounting of camera and computer to the UAV frame.  The computer is fully configured with camera control and capture software and a user-editable configuration file on the included SD card.  Images are saved to SD card during operation.  Image capture can be started and stopped on demand using the pushbuttons on the side of the SBC-1.