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Agriculture Multisensor Drone Camera

Agriculture Multisensor Drone Camera

Our agriculture MSDC-2-4 system with NIR, SWIR, Red Edge and high resolution color cameras is designed for monitoring crop health and hydration. 

The MSDC-2-4 can be used to perform a variety of spectral analyses relevant to agriculture. Assessment of chlorophyll content in the plants, which is an indicator of greenness, density, crop vigor and yield potential can be estimated such metrics as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (GNDVI), Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI), Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (MSAVI), and Normalized Difference Red Edge Index (NDRE).  The inclusion of a SWIR camera sets the MSDC 2-4-AGRI system apart from conventional agricultural drone cameras. This feature allows for more precise metrics for hydration monitoring, such as Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI) and Moisture Stress Index (MSI), providing invaluable insights for effective agricultural management. The MSI and NDMI are useful for identifying moisture deficit and saturation as well as for monitoring bodies of water. Additionally, the SWIR camera allows for estimation of the Burn Assessment Index (NBI), which can be valuable for mapping burned areas and monitoring post-fire recovery.

Each camera can be equipped with interchangeable lenses for flexible field of view and ground resolution. This adaptability ensures the MSDC 2-4 remains relevant and effective, even as your agricultural monitoring needs evolve. 

Number of Bands Band Locations Pixel/Band Weight
6 440, 510, 600, 725, 800, 1500 NIR, Red Edge, Color: 2448x2048px, SWIR: 1280x1024px 1.7 kg
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