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Biomedical LED Illuminator

Biomedical LED Illuminator

The MSLED-BIO-2-4 consists of two LED modules each equipped with four independent LED channels. The first channel (735 nm) is specific to deoxyhemoglobin (deoxygenated blood). The second channel (800 nm) is specific  to total hemoglobin (total blood). The third channel (865 nm) is specific to oxyhemoglobin (oxygenated blood). The fourth channel (930 nm) is specific  to lipid. 

The dual LED illuminator creates a uniform diffuse lighting for biomedical multispectral imaging applications requiring analysis of oxygen saturation and total hemoglobin content, which are important for monitoring tissue health.

The illuminator is a programmable and allows management of LED brightness on each of the 4 available channels either manually through the front panel or remotely through the RS232 interface or external trigger connector. The LED output offers 256 levels of adjustment and features a digital display.

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