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Example - Orthomosaic Mapping with Thermal Camera

Example - Orthomosaic Mapping with Thermal Camera

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This image set was captured using MSDC-2-4 system equipped with a MSC2-RGBN and thermal camera. Both cameras were equipped with a 25 mm standard lens with an aperture of f/4. Images were collected flying the drone in a grid pattern at an altitude of 100 m resulting in a field of view of 44 m x 44 m per frame and a ground pixel size of 8.3 cm x 8.3 cm. 

Data set consisted of 164 images. All image pre-processing and image geotagging was performed using Spectral Devices multispectral batch processing software msInspector. The Open Drone Maps software WebODM was used to reconstruct multispectral orthomosaic map and QGIS software was used for data visualization.

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