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Ultra-Wide Band Multisensor Drone Camera

Ultra-Wide Band Multisensor Drone Camera

Our Ultra-Wide Band multisensor drone camera with color, NIR, SWIR and thermal sensors offers a unique drone imaging solution. The platform is capable of imaging across an expansive range of spectral bands, from the visible to the thermal. This state-of-the-art system captures details unseen by the naked eye providing stand-off detection in a wider variety of applications. Whether for scientific research, security, or environmental monitoring, the MSDC-2-4-UWB-1-A offers unmatched versatility and precision. The system can be used to perform a variety of spectral analyses. Applications of the MSDC-2-4-UWB-1-A include agricultural monitoring, environmental and wildlife studies, search and rescue missions, structural and infrastructure inspections, geological and hydrological studies, forestry and land management, and archeological exploration. 

Each camera can be equipped with interchangeable lenses for flexible selection of field of view and ground resolution. 

Number of Bands Band Locations Pixel/Band Weight
6 445, 532, 645, 800, 1500, Thermal NIR, Color: 2448x2048px, SWIR, Thermal: 1280x1024px 1.7 kg
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